Cuppings, Pop-Ups, and Why Fridays are Awesome in Newberg


There are new reasons to be excited about Friday, perhaps the best day for the liquid arts in Newberg.

Valley Wine Merchants‘ Pop-Up Tasting Room series begins this Friday, from six to eight pm. ROCO Winery of Dundee will be pouring three outstanding wines. Feel free to quiz the winemaker Rollin Soles, a Willamette Valley legend, and Argyle co-founder. Can’t wait until 6pm? Great news: Caravan Coffee, who import, roast and brew specialty coffees here in town, host a weekly coffee ‘cupping’ at 9:30 on Friday mornings. A cupping is like a wine tasting, where you can compare (and most importantly, drink,) two different, delicious coffees side by side. Best of all, both events are completely free. More details below:


6-8 pm, at 112 S College Street, Newberg, OR 97132 The Pop-Up series will occur on upcoming Thursdays and Fridays this spring. Dates will be announced on a rolling basis, so follow VWM  on Facebook or check out their website to hear the latest news. On Fridays without a Pop-UP Tasting, Andrew Turner, the proprietor, will be personally tasting exciting new wines he’s discovered each week. You can always bet on fantastic wines being poured at Valley Wine Merchants every Friday between 6-8 pm.

Thursday, Mar 26: Anne Amie Vineyards & Carlton Hill Vineyard

Friday, Mar 27: Leah Jorgensen Cellars

Friday Apr 10: Wild Aire Cellars

Friday Apr 24: Coattails Wine & Domaine Roy

Friday, May 15: De Lancelloti Family Vineyards



9:30 am, at 2750 E 9th St, Newberg, OR, 97132 Caravan Coffee has long been tasting Oregon’s best coffees every Friday morning. If you haven’t been by before, its never to late to swing by, (or make it a new Friday morning tradition.) This week, they’ll be cupping their Guatemala San Jorge and their Fair Trade Organic Papua New Guinea. Its a fantastic chance to delve a little deeper into your morning cup of Joe, and celebrate coffee with its biggest fans. Caravan Coffee is one of Oregon’s original artisan coffee roasters, and they responsibly source their beans from all over the world. They develop close-knit relationships with their growers, prioritize sustainable farming for people and the environment, and give back to growing communities through a variety of service projects. Friday cupping coffees are announced on a week by week basis, so follow Caravan on facebook or attheir website to keep up to date. Cheers!

Willamette Valley’s First Wine Education Center

Here in the Willamette Valley, wine is a part of life. The vineyards are hard to miss, even as they intermingle with hazelnut orchards, hops farms, alpaca paddocks and nurseries. Tasting rooms dot the hillsides and downtowns, and more wineries and wine labels appear every year. The wine business is becoming an increasingly important part of the local economy, especially considering that wine consumption is on the rise in America. Pinot noir sales continue to grow, and winery-direct shipments exploded in 2014. “Eno-tourism,” or wine country vacationing, is booming.

More subtly, wine is part of our identity and story. People in London, Tokyo, and Auburn, Alabama see and think about the Willamette Valley every day, if only subconsciously. They see it spelled out at the local wine store, on the bottle on their counter, or treasured deep in their cellar, (or more likely, their basement.)

International recognition can be dizzying, but for the most part, our wineries and winemakers enjoy the opportunity to share their love of wine with the whole world.

As people pick up bottles from all over the state of Oregon, they naturally begin to ask questions as well. Why does pinot noir grow so well here, and often taste more ‘Burgundian’ than pinot noir grown in other parts of France? How do we deal with all the rain? Are there any wineries in Portland? How do you pronounce ‘Jory’ soil? (With a hard j, like ‘jury.’) And why is red soil so special?

We’re excited to help wine-lovers answer these questions, and learn more about Oregon and international wines. Located in downtown Newberg, The Oregon Wine Education Center plans to host seminars, workshops and certification classes for locals, wine industry professionals and visitors. We will focus on the richness of the Willamette Valley’s terroir, climate, winemakers and wines, (Pinot Noir included,) as well as extend our vision to surveying the entire world of wine. We are also excited to examine the fascinating local spirits, beer and coffee produced in Oregon, and their parallels to wine.

In addition, we’ll be posting up news, articles and insights into Oregon’s wines here at this blog.

We’re looking forward to peering through the wine glass with you. Cheers!