Tasting Room Associate Hospitality Course Level I00


Learn Hospitality Best Practices from Industry Professionals so you can shine
in the world of food and wine!


2020 TRAHC Level 100

Schedule TBD


Course description:

Working in the wine and restaurant industry requires a firm understanding of wine from an international and local perspective, as well as specific kinds of hospitality sales training. We developed the Tasting Room Associates Course (TRAC) to provide a foundation for people who want to start working in a tasting room or restaurant either part or full time, and perhaps jumpstart a career in the wine or restaurant industry. Our list of TRAC graduates is made available to the winery members of the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce, and are referred to new job postings as they are made available.

The TRAC Level 100 course covers an introduction to Oregon wine and wine history, an essential wine knowledge practicum, opening and pouring bottles, telling your winery’s or restaurants story, and the art of great salesmanship.  The course is based around hands-on, interactive learning, including an extended role-play unit where participants  practice how to describe wines, tell a winery’s story, and make the sale.

By the end of the course, students will have a professional working knowledge of the following:

  • All facets of tasting room and restaurant hospitality salesmanship to provide an excellent customer experience.
  • Opening bottles correctly and pouring precise amount of tastes and glasses.
  • Essential personal details to provide professional job performance.
  • Working knowledge of the characteristics of all Oregon wine varietals, organizations and AVA’s.
  • Tasting wine & wine faults
  • A brief history of the Oregon wine industry to share with interested customers.
  • OLCC key points detailing liability and responsibilities of server, including role play to practice the  diplomatic skill of  “cutting off intoxicated customers”.

Classes are open to the public. Class size is limited to twelve participants.

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